The EMR certified laboratory engineers use the Fire Assay Method, also known as the Cupellation Method to determine the concentration of Gold and Silver. A small sample of material has its precious metals chemically separated from the impurities and base metals contained in the material. The precious metals remaining are then compared to the original starting weight of the sample to determine the composition percentage. The Fire Assay analysis has an accuracy of 1 part in 10,000.



EMR offers the highest quality and the finest capacity of chemical refining currently available in the world. We have exclusively developed our chemical process of gold and silver refining, in which we use advanced systems to purify scrap gold and silver as well as high-grade doré. Our knowledge and technical expertise ensure the best process for all gold and silver metal.



EMR is one of UAE's most modern private mints producing customized bullions, medallions, coins and medals for a wide range of clients from across the world from our premises in Dubai. Our team of operators and designers have all the necessary skills and equipments to offer our clients a complete range of options associated with gold and silver minting. These services coupled with our ability to refine and process gold and silver, means that we usually have stock of the material needed to complete even the most demanding minting jobs in the shortest period of time.

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EMR is fully capable of purchasing any quantities of Gold Dore and/or Bullion bars, with settlement after final assay at our refinery laboratory.  Annual production capacity is currently over 150 metric tons and the refined gold output is in the form of Standard Gold Bar, 1 Kg 9999, 1 Kg 995, 10 Tolas, & other standard sizes. We offer the finest purity up to 999.9 in Gold and 999 in Silver with our cutting edge facilities and processes, we provide our clients with only the highest quality refining services.